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Young Europeans dance in Glasgow

Glasgow, the 1990 Cultural Capital of Europe, is bustling with activities this summer. A unique dance festival is being organised under the artistic direction of Benjamin Feliksdal. Among the items on the agenda are a choreography workshop for professional dancers and a SUMMER COURSE conducted by internationally renowned teachers and choreographers: Konstantin Shatilov [former principal dancer of the Kirov Ballet, USSR) for classical ballet/repertoire; Joachim Tappendorff [Staatliche Ballett-schule Berlin, DDR) for classical ballet/pas de deux; Leo Besseling [Nationale Ballet, The Netherlands) for classical ballet; Lesley Main [former artistic director of Pioneers Dance, Scotland) for modern dance [Humphrey technique); Karen Bell-Kanner [former solo dancer of the Merce Cunningham Dance Company, England) for modern dance [Graham technique); Reney Deshauteurs [artistic director of the Ballet Jazz Nat., France) for Jazz dance; Benjamin Feliksdal [former principal dancer of the Nationale Ballet, The Netherlands) for modern jazz dance. This summer course, held from August 21 through to September 1 at Jordanhill College in Glasgow, is intended for advanced dance students [at least 3 years of professional dance training, minimum age 15 years). The course fee is £50.-. The cost for 12 overnight stays at the Jordanhill College amounts to £275.-[full-board). For more detailed information and registration forms you can contact: CJP-Flanders, Waterkrachtstraat 36, 1040 Brussels, Belgium, Tel.: [02)-2309570,

Young Europeans Dance in Glasgow is organised by the European Conference of Youth Cards, whose members are: Young Scot (Scotland), CJP (The Netherlands), CJP/Carte Jeunes/Jugendkarte (Belgium), Carte Jeunes (Luxembourg), Carte Jeunes (France), Ca met Jove (Andorra), Cartao Jove m (Portugal), Ca met Joven (Spain), Karta Neon (Greece), Karta Neon (Cyprus), Ungdomskortet (Sweden) and Ungdomskortet (Norway). Among the financial contributors that make this dance festival possible are: The Strathclyde Regional Council, Scottish Arts Council, European Community and European Cultural Foundation.

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