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Nr. 15, September 1986 • Paul Pourveur • Le diable au corps
Hij bis We hebben toch talent genoeg om onze ogen open te laten gaan... Hij Je bent te toegeeflijk... Zij Dost thou love me...know thou wilt say ay and I will take thy word: Yet, if thou swear'st, thou mayst prove false; at lover's perjuries They say Love laughs...gentleman... If thou dost love me, pronounce it faithfully; Or, if thou think'st I am too quickly won, I'll frown, and be perserve, and say thee nay... Hij bis Dat is mijn verhaal niet

Nr. 46, Januari 1994 • Herman Asselberghs • Dar A Luz' Tight Right White
love Mexican girls, Black girls, Oriental girls, it really don't matter...Say it loud) I'm black and I'm proud Ice-T's uitdagende poses, van Cop Killer tot Original Gangster, komen in de zwarte popcultuur niet uit de lucht vallen...European culture (...); tight-jawed Black wisdom (...) - all of these tesserae compose this play in which the elements are set at slightly different angles, as they were in Byzantine mosaics, in order best

Nr. 58, December 1996 • Herman Asselberghs • Theatrical Correctness
Women like to be dominated, love being strong-armed, need an overseer to supplement their weakness...Just Another Black History They're trying to say that I don't care But I woke up screamin' fuck tha world (2Pac) September, 1996...But everywhere I go with money, they let me in. Everywhere I go with none, they don't let you in. Trust me

Nr. 100, Februari 2006 • Jacob Wren • Families are formed through copulation / Families...
pure and vitriolic strain of nihilism, but since she is here tonight I just want to say that I love you anyway...they say is actually true, your soul signed a contract when you gave birth and that contract says you must take responsibility, not only responsibility for all the things you have done but also...middle-aged man, a well-known writer, sits down one day and writes a letter to his parents letting them know everything they’ve ever done wrong, why they were bad parents, everything they ever did

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