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Nr. 11, Juni 1985 • Johan Callens • David Mamet, dichter bij Beckett dan bij...
What it taught me, you've gotta be where you are... While you're there

Nr. 36, December 1991 • Emil Hrvatin • Jan Fabres zoete verlokkingen
What we call imaginary time is in fact more fundamental, while what we call real time is only an idea which we use as a mean of help to describe our image of the universe" (Hawking). Imaginaire tijd

Nr. 46, Januari 1994 • Herman Asselberghs • Dar A Luz' Tight Right White
Her throat slashed while their young childeren slept nearby

Nr. 58, December 1996 • Herman Asselberghs • Theatrical Correctness
George schrijft over zijn broer: 'He was free for a while

Nr. 76, Maart 2001 • Marianne Van Kerkhoven • Dansen tussen Oost en West
Etcetera: ‘Talking while dancing’: het gebeurt bijna nooit in moderne dans, tenzij bij Trisha Brown

Nr. 77, Juni 2001 • (advertentie)
impulsive with a great sense of composition while performing We really would like to make an interesting mix of people who are normally on stage and people who are normally guiding

Nr. 79, December 2001 • Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker • Achter een vroegbarokke gevel: Small Hands OUT...
Het is het minst vloeiende gedeelte van de choreografie, en tijdens deze solo wordt Purcells Music for a while ingezet

Nr. 93, Januari 2004 • Elke Van Campenhout • De Escapist van de apocalypsgerieratie: De wondere...
Ik hou van de Dancing Dildoes in de First Nudie Musical (naaktmusical uit 1976 met het omineuze openingsnummer 'Gotta sing, gotta dance while I'm taking off my pants', nvdr). Het is het...audience gathered together in one hotel room and peered through telescopes and binoculars while I performed supposedly auto-erotic activities in my own room, across the courtyard, all alone

Nr. 94, December 2004 • Patricia Portela • Flatland
audience full of James Bonds leaving their fingerprints on their martinis while looking at me... And the reason why I was feeling strangely alive in your world was because I was being seen

Nr. 95, Februari 2005 • De redactie • Etcetera = ...: Intentieverklaring van de nieuwe...
must reveal the systematicity of social relations and their compelling character for everyone involved, even while it points to the specific discourses, images and emotional attitudes that hide...specialized knowledge it needs, while finding striking enough expressions of its conclusions to sway the people whom it claims to describe-those upon whose behavior the transformation of the status quo depends...mean that criticality, while building on critique, wants nevertheless to inhabit culture in a relation other than one of critical analysis, other than one of illuminating flaws, locating elisions

Nr. 100, Februari 2006 • Jacob Wren • Families are formed through copulation / Families...
record player is a record which we will play for you now... 3. FATHER When you’ve met enough people, after a while everyone starts to look just a little bit familiar, everyone you see looks...But I wouldn’t say it. I was still cogent enough to be aware of the fact that while some things one might say are socially acceptable, others most definitely are not. So I would say speaks the following text in a robot computer voice while at the same time the family slowly bring out a guitar, drum and violin and play quiet, filmic music in the background

Nr. 101, April 2006 • 
While dance is a technique for socializing, while dance is in itselfa socialization, choreography appears as a so-lipsistic technology for socializing with the spectral, making present the farce

Nr. 103, September 2006 • Stef Lernous • Raffael Pascoe: auteurschap in de pornocinematografie
Next time, ladies and gentlemen, I will gladly and aptly broaden my physical limits by inserting a high maintenance blender while it’s running...cucumber for instance is too large and makes me weep, a sour pickle on the other hand is too petite, a lamb chop is quite vulgar and besides has too much meat, while I believe a firm and ripe...She caught the disease while in prison from Willy ‘the wacko’ Steele

Nr. 105, Februari 2007 • Christophe Van Gerrewey • Blanco
Better get it while you can’, roept Olivier, zich stilaan weer concentrerend op het optreden vooraan en op de hysterische tienermeisjes op de eerste rij

Nr. 108, September 2007 • (Advertentie) • (Advertentie)
TRISTERO, Abigail’s Party • IVANA MÜLLER, While We Were Holding It Together • TINE VAN AERSCHOT & CLAIRE MARSHALL, I have no thoughts, and this is one of them • FORCED ENTERTAINMENT, First Night

Nr. 108, September 2007 • Anne Dekerk, Maarten Soete • 6 Sound Questions
Zo creëerden we een geïsoleerde, individuele omgeving voor elke toeschouwer (de stem begeleidde je bij de creatie van je eigen fantasie in je hoofd). In het stuk met Ivana Müller, While we were

Nr. 110, Februari 2008 • Pieter De Buysser, Christophe Van Gerrewey, Bram... • Minnelijke voorwerpen
discovered in a way another thing while I met this guy whose name I don’t know, who seems to have also been through things, but this I don’t know, it’s a mystery for he was blinking fast, and i was laughing sometimes and sometimes looking away and every once in a while he looked at my hands but there came this time when we just were looking at each...didn’t understand because everyone else was getting connected and i wasn’t connecting, and i really wanted to get connected xx i was sitting like this for a while and he was kind of sitting

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